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Mount Harmony Labradoodles

Welcome to Mount Harmony Labradoodles! We are so excited to share our story and our love for this breed!



Australian Labradoodles are, famously, popular for their caring and fun-loving nature. Their happy attitude and loyalty will definitely make you fall in love with them, as well as provide you a companion that will last their lifetime.

With exceptional health standards, every labradoodle that we breed at Mount Harmony is kept inside and raised as our own!


A dog is one of the few things in life, that is exactly as it seems.

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"My wife and I have a new ❤️. We were the proud recipients of one of the first puppies from Mount Harmony Labradoodles. This little guy has become the center of our world. He has trained us to recognize his needs and how to attend to them. At 8.5 weeks he has already learned the 'sit' command and is close to achieving the 'down'. I could go on for a long time; I'm sure everyone already understands our pleasure at our experience with Keri and Chad, 5 🌟."

Beuford and Gudrun Durmon South Fork, Colorado

"I would 100% recommend getting your dog from Mt Harmony Labradoodles. Choosing my puppy was such a stress free and exciting process! Everything was so easy, and there is nothing I would have done differently. I am so SO happy!!"

Madison Courtney Fayetteville, Arkansas

"Hank has been a wonderful addition to our family and for our other doodle. I loved working with Keri and have been so pleased with how easy the transition has been for Hank. He was crate trained with in days and doggie door potty trained within the week. His excellent care made all of this possible!"

Kim Pankey Fort Smith, Arkansas

"Mount Harmony Doodles are the best doodles you can possibly get! Everyone talks about doodles but the MALD is the doodle that all other doodles wish they were! Willow is the absolute best dog ever and we are so thankful she joined our family. Keri was so easy to work with and your puppy will be clean & smell so good when it’s time to go home!"

Hunter and Emily Ryan Van Buren, Arkansas

"My daughter and I could not be happier with our new puppy! We named him Copper! Picking him out was perfect. We were able to see a video of them playing and they all had different colored collars, so it was easy to tell them apart. We chose the green collar puppy and were able to pick him up at 9 weeks. We had a packet of so much information and it was all gone over with us, so we felt comfortable knowing we could take care of Copper exactly how we needed to. We felt so supported through the first week as we were checked on a few times. We highly recommend Mt Harmony Labradoodles!"

Becki Blalock Fort Smith, Arkansas

"After the recent passing of our family dog, we found ourselves totally lost without a furry friend to love! I was scrolling Facebook one day and came across Keri’s post about Mount Harmony Labradoodles, saw the adorable doodles and thought how perfect would one be for our family. I got a quick response when I inquired about a pup and was impressed with the level of knowledge Keri had about the multi-generational Australian Labradoodle breed. I knew that after seeing where the pups were being kept and nurtured their first 8 weeks, we were making a great decision! After bringing our new puppy home, we didn’t really know to what extent she would be house trained. We were pleasantly surprised at how she already knew to pee and poop outside!!! This meant everything!!!! Yes, there have been accidents, but very rarely and it was due to our lack of attention to the dog. She is now 10 weeks old, and we’ve taught her to ring a jingle bell that’s hanging from the door when she wants to go outside. She also can sit on command and knows her name, Mayzee. She’s very intelligent. She is the best family dog! The sweetest, most relaxed pup 🐶 especially on car rides. She has gotten to meet many of our friends and family already and she is super friendly and playful! She has found her bark and it’s adorable. We have 2 teens still at home and a large fenced back yard for her to explore! She is doing well at staying in her kennel for short times but is very good on the couch or sleeping with one of the kids. She is non-shedding and is hypoallergenic. Keri has stayed in touch with me and has answered any of my questions. She has made the process so easy and you can tell she puts her whole heart and soul into raising these pups! The vet said she is in perfect shape. And we could not be more blessed with the amazing Mayzee! 🥰"

The Hamby Family Van Buren, Arkansas

We love our Daisy! We are so thankful for the caring family building, breeder, Mount Harmony. Daisy is truly everything promised: fun, loving, intelligent, non-shedding and hypoallergenic. Her fur is so soft! Sometimes we don’t want it trimmed because we enjoy her fluffy coat, and, how beautiful she looks as the wind blows in her hair, like a puppy model. ☺️ Thank you, Mount Harmony, for helping us with the blessing of our fur baby and your friendship.

Michael & Michelle Thelander Port Charlotte, Florida

    "Temperament and Soundness are the two KEY elements in a good family companion: they must not be sacrificed for any reason."
    - ALAA Breed Standards